Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Erlang is Famous as it appeared on TV series

Did you know that Erlang is famous as in Hollywood famous, and you had not heard about it? Turns out a chat conversation in BlindSpot TV series 1 episode 6 says "Sybok: how quickly can you learn erlang?". And it indirectly implies that the TRAKZER app was written in Erlang. Anyway that is just a story. But yeah, how quickly can you learn Erlang dear?

But unfortunately, there is a twist to the story (spoiler alert). The girl (Ana Montes) at a later point in time uses python to break into the FBI system and then switches to perl. Which suggests that the above assumption is likely false or may be due to the lack of time and to give a clue to Patterson she used it. And the interesting part is the girl writes well documented code that follows PEP-257 at gunpoint. Now that is what I call software craftsmanship.