Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Functional Conf 2017

I attended Functional Conf 2017 held at Fortune Park, Bangalore. This was one kind of an event. I attended the pre-conf worksop by Francesco Cesarini, Founder and Director of Erlang Solutions, on Reactive Systems & Microservices Architecture, where he talked about building fault tolerant, scalable system architectures. It was an amazing session. This event was the first Erlang & Elixir Factory Lite Conference in India where I got to meet visionaries from the industry. I met with Robert Virding, the co-inventor of the Erlang programming language and attended his post-conf session on Deep Dive into Erlang Ecosystem where he talked about Erlang, its history, the Erlang Virtual Machine, OTP and such. I also met with Martin Thompson, well known for LMAX Disruptor and mechanical sympathy. These were fun filled sessions with meaningful discussions. Had a great experience.

And I came to know that Robert Virding's favourite programming language is LFE, which is Lisp Flavoured Erlang and he is born in Bombay (now Mumbai), India. Francesco specifically told me to ask Robert tough questions for the discussions :D
Finally we greeted goodbyes till next time. Amazing people!