Thursday, October 19, 2017

Lock BlackBerry KEYone With Password When Using Fingerprint

BlackBerry KEYone, an advancement from BlackBerry Passport, which however uses Android, an OS not so great when compared to QNX, but still fine given the fact that it can be hardened and there are apps that makes business get done. Getting required apps on BlackBerry 10 is really a pain, no matter how great the device and OS is. Plus developers like me can program KEYone using any of the supported JVM languages instead of banging my head against C/C++, a pain for any functional programmer accustomed to living in the JVM world.

So, now to the point. BlackBerry KEYone has fingerprint sensor on the spacebar. However, we know fingerprint is a security issue. When confiscated, we are legally required to unlock the phone if the finger is still on the hand. But, that is not the case with passwords. There are a lot of defences against providing authorities with your password. So KEYone can lock the device which will then require you to enter the password even if it is configured to unlock using fingerprint. For that, long press the key K, which opens BlackBerry Launcher and initially it asks whether you need to enable the app to administer the device. Allow access and the device will be locked using that keyboard shortcut, which then requires the password to unlock. Rest of the time, unlock using fingerprint. Makes life easier without compromising security. BlackBerry rocks!