Friday, April 23, 2010

Runtime Shared Library (RSL)

Runtime Shared Library (RSL) is similar to a DLL in Windows. It can be used by multiple applications that uses same code. RSL are of various types like standard, cross-domain, framework RSLs.
Framework RSL are reduce app size & is signed by Adobe. Its secure but can be used with applications made with Flex framework that are deployed as web apps. The framework RSLs are cached by the player. It reduces the app size to around 30% with Flex 4 framework.
It reduces the bandwidth, but increases the loading time of the application since the whole library will be loaded.
Generally there is no point in using RSL (framework RSL) with AIR apps. For AIR apps the best way is to choose 'merged into code' option where only the referenced classes are included with the final swf.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Change the position of window control buttons in Ubuntu

With the upcoming version of Ubuntu (v 10.04 Lucid) the window control (minimize, maximize, close) buttons are placed at the left like in Mac OS. To change their position,
1. Open terminal or use ALT+F2
2. Type gconf-editor
3. Navigate to apps -> metacity -> general
4. You will find a key button_layout with value close,minimize,maximize:
5. Change the order of them as you like (experiment a bit)
6. Done

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Navigate Folders with Spaces Using Terminal

To navigate using a terminal; through folders containing spaces in a GNU/Linux environment,
1. escape the spaces
cd /documents/spaced\ folder/
folder name: spaced folder. It can be escaped as spaced\ folder
2. give the path in quotes
cd '/documents/spaced folder/'

Read-Write Permission for a File in GNU/Linux

To have complete read-write access over a file in GNU/Linux, in terminal enter
sudo chmod 777 filename
Note that you need the privilege to change permissions. The chmod 777 will give complete read-write access on that file (or folder) to the current user.

Delete a File from Google Code

In order to delete a file from Google Code, click on the summary tag (Summary + Labels) of the particular file. Now you will be shown a page where there is a button to delete the file. Its that simple.

Import a Flex Builder 3 Project in Flash Builder 4

To import a Flex Builder 3 project file in Flash Builder 4 follow the steps below:
1. Choose File -> Import -> Other
2. General -> Existing Projects into Workspace; and click next
3. Select the root directory or archive file; and click browse. Locate the previous Flex Builder 3 project.
4. Finish

While importing Choose the default SDK (Flex 4), and check the Use Flex 3 Compatible mode.

Friday, April 9, 2010


This is an AI chatbot, which is an AIR app written in ActionScript 3.0. It features interactivity and learning capabilities. Currently the learning should be supervised. It tries to maintain the state (context) of the conversation too. It can be classified as an expert system, but currently it isn't focused on any particular domain. It is generic in nature.

I acknowledge the helping members at KirupaForum and Adobe Forums

Friday, April 2, 2010

Settings for Ripping Sprites in Flash

Under Modify -> Bitmap -> Trace Bitmap
Color threshold: 20
Minimum area: 1 pixels
Curve fit: Pixels
Corner threshold: Few Corners.
These settings will make ripped sprites look better.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Adobe AIR error 303

When Exporting the release build of your AIR application using Adobe Flex Builder if you get and Adobe AIR Error 303, it implies that the problem is with your icons.
Most probably the problem might be due to pointing the icon to the wrong folder.
src is the root folder.
Suppose your icon is in a folder called assets inside the src folder, then inside the app descriptor, the path should be like
If you don't have say a 16 px icon then remove that node instead of leaving it blank.